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» Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Fresh Air
It was so wonderfully breezy yesterday that I regretted not having a kite with me! Especially when I came in from lunch, the trees were dancing in the wind and discarded blossoms swirled about. The scent of the pansies planted near the front door of the building was carried far beyond its usual limits.

There's still a breeze out there, but not gusting like yesterday. In fact, at this point it's only in the low 60s out and the house temp is still hovering around 64...heaven! I am nestled in sweats and quite happy with it, not suffocating like yesterday with my cubicle temp standing at 78 degrees. I am trying out one of the two scents of candles I bought Sunday at the Yankee Candle outlet, "Fresh Mint." It's a delicate spearmint odor that I find quite pleasant.

Work is...frustrating. I have a last-minute item taking up all my time.

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