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» Thursday, April 16, 2009
Deals and Dealing
Started out the day with a bobble. We had gotten some Windows updates recently on all the computers except for "the Mouse," which is what I've been calling the netbook, so I turned it on this morning to download them.

Except, after all the testing I had done on it, taking it to other wireless locations and then taking it home and reconnecting to the home network—now it wouldn't connect! I didn't have time to mess with it just then and abandoned it after trying to reconnect using a new connection, which was rejected.

But had a great lunchtime visit to WalMart...and I hadn't even intended to go there. I was planning just to run to Kroger for something we needed, and then decided to go to Wally World. I have been looking for something in weight between a sweatsuit and sleeveless top/shorts for lounging around in the spring and fall. I found some adorable "Mutts"-based sleepware ("flannelette" rather than flannel), two pants and a top (a t-shirt would even do for the second top) on discount.

I went by the groceries just on a whim and my jaw dropped: boy, did they do some "price breaks"! I grabbed my yogurt at 40¢ each, milk at $1.95 a gallon, omeprazole only $17 for 42,

I still had to go to Kroger and as I passed Carnett's on the way I noticed they were nearly deserted. So I went in, had my oil changed and my car washed. All that nasty pollen on the car is gone, gone, gone.

This barely took 90 minutes and I was pleased with the results!

Also got two loads of laundry finished and did a spring cleaning on the bottom of Schuyler's cage. She was so funny—I removed her millet clip to wash it, and it proved a little recalcitrant. As I struggled with it, Schuyler clambered on the bars and made her way toward my hand. It was too much to hope that she was coming to sit on my hand, and she didn't: instead she pecked at my hand as if to say "Get out of my house!" Too cute!

Next I turned my attention back to the netbook. I paid more attention to the message about it not connecting because of the IP address. Now, I had noticed earlier that the IP address was different from what it was supposed to be. I could have sworn James had given the unit a static IP address, but if he had, it had gone by-by. So I looked at the network connection on the main computer (James's), noticed which IP addresses were already taken, and typed in one that wasn't already in use in a screen that looked vaguely familiar...I remember having to do this with the laptop, too.

Wow, it worked! Well, sort of. The connection to the network was restored, but I still couldn't get the internet to work.

Wait...I guess I needed to put those DNS numbers in there, too.

That worked! I also had to reset the network name. But it works again. I fixed it myself...I'm really chuffed!

Finally, there was a surprise in the mail: in "A Cozy Nook to Read In" I mentioned that I discovered that there were sequels to the Paul Berna book The Horse Without a Head, which I had seen as a Disney movie and also read in the school library. I hunted around e-Bay and found two of the three sequels really fact, I got a hardcover copy of Horse Without a Head and another Berna book with the third sequel, all for $4! Those came on Monday and I received the second sequel today.

The third sequel looks like it's a hard find. I couldn't even find it in a United States library, so I guess there goes my chance of even getting it through interlibrary loan.

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