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» Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Chillin' Out
What a relief it was to telework today after spending two days hunched over a fan to be able to survive the 80°F cubicle. (Okay, by 4 p.m. yesterday it had dropped to 79...cold front! Wow!)

Today would have been much pleasanter, however, had I not woken up with a sore throat and my nose absolutely stuffed after having not slept well at all. So it was a bit of a long day, too.

The best part of the past three days was last night. I have a friend who collects television series and who sent me an uncut multipart story from a series I used to be very fond of. I hadn't seen the story uncut for about 40 years. James was watching something else on the television, so I sat very happily watching the entire thing on my computer. It had the ability to take me back into time, to a rectangular living room and a 19 inch black-and-white Magnavox television I never liked very much, an old grey carpet underfoot and a big plush red sofa to sit in.

Quite nice.

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