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» Friday, April 10, 2009
And When the Sky Was Opened...
We had a twofer coupon for Ruby Tuesday, so we went there for supper, listening to the weather report as we drove. We were hearing reports of hail and at least one tornado touchdown.

Tell me again why I'm supposed to enjoy spring?

We had a quiet supper watching the banks of dark clouds descend and raise, with faint flashes of lightning popping off eventually, but as we exited the restaurant, both the Marietta siren and the Smyrna one were going off, as if echoing each other. We drove toward home, only to finally determine from the radio that it was only a severe thunderstorm warning, not a tornado warning, that had set the sirens off. So we went on to BJs.

It was quite a spectacular storm, bright forks of lightning, thunder, glowing clouds, and big gobs of cold raindrops as we ran into BJs. Luckily "Georgia Monsoon Season" happened while we were inside. We had three or four rumbles of thunder as we towed the damp items upstairs and then as I ran around wiping off the windowsills, and it was finally over.

Still chaos east and south of us...watching radar as I post.

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