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» Friday, April 24, 2009
And the Heat is On
Or as we always say "Who let that sun in without a badge?"

Obviously it "don't need any steenkin' badges." Heh.

I was in a funny mood today, very restless. I kept having to make myself sit at the computer, answer all the e-mail about the order that's out for bid, and finish the few orders I could do. I worked off some of my "itchiness" taking down the Easter decorations at lunchtime. Outside the sun blazed and the temps inched up over 80°F. The fat carpenter bees buzzed lazily around the windows. Schuyler demolished the rest of her birthday sprig of millet. Willow moped.

And the scent of lilacs filled the house from my lilac blossom Yankee Candle. Lovely.

We had supper at Shane's Rib Shack tonight. I usually have a pork plate and James has the sampler. It was cool enough to eat outside, so we did, right along the sidewalk of Atlanta Road where we could see the trains go by. I think we ate at rush hour: at least four trains went by.

Then we went to Walmart. Somewhere up in Heaven my mom is looking down and saying incredulously, "She's buying clothes two weeks in a row." I just bought a couple of pairs of shorts to wear in the house; the ones I have are at least ten years old. Another tank top to wear inside. And a green t-shirt to go with the green "Mutts" pajama bottoms I bought last week.

The grocery prices were as good as last week, so more milk and more yogurt were added to the cart as well. If someone's going to sell me skim milk for $1.98/gallon I'm going to take it! (The half gallon is $1.76!)

Had a nice drive home with the windows down and the 60s channel on: as a bonus we even got "our" song, Petula Clark singing "My Love."

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