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» Sunday, March 29, 2009
Windy and Cool
It certainly was a good sleeping night last night; the temperature plummeted into the forties. The bed was a nice cocoon.

We were only out briefly today, once to go to Kroger and then once to go to BJs (neither of us having remembered the BJs coupons). I felt like Mrs. Whatsis in A Wrinkle in Time proclaiming "Wild nights are my glory!" as the wind eddied about us, crept down my jacket collar, and set leftover dried leaves a'swirling over the sidewalk.

We had a dandy coupon for BJs: buy five DelMonte multican packs and save $10. James stocked up on vegetables and also some canned fruit. They had a lot of samples once again today, so we didn't have to worry about lunch (and a good thing, as all I had eaten for breakfast was a packet of oatmeal): calzones, hot ham and cheese, a tiny sample of chocolate chip cheesecake, chicken cordon bleu, Uncrustables peanut butter and jelly, and some kind of low-cal drink that was, sadly, carbonated (ugh).

Came home and had laundry to do, and read the paper and watched Clark Howard and Friday night's Jeopardy and the newest This Old House. I think we've missed at least one part due to all the damned fundraising that seems to have gone on for a month now. If they were offering new stuff it would be different, but both GPB and WPBA must have shown the three Anne of Green Gables stories three and four times and there was some concert called Chris Gotti in Boston that was on sometimes two times in one night, several times a week! I wish this segment of This Old House had been longer, too: they only devoted ten episodes to the New York brownstone. There was a lot more they could have shown!

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