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» Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Who Do You Believe?
Don't you sometimes think we suffer from an influx of too much news? Especially when it presents contradictory information. The political news is bad enough, but it's constant, and down to the smallest things. For instance, in my youth the method for weight loss was just a matter of eating fewer calories and getting more exercise. You'd hear about the occasional "water diet" or "juice diet" in women's magazines, but it was just a small fad; there were also diet pills, but you didn't want to get into the drugs in those.

Then came "South Beach" and "Atkins" and a half-dozen others, all nationally touted and all purporting to have the "real answer." Treatments like "Alli" came along, and surgical cures. Studies, studies, studies—and now we are back to "eat fewer calories and exercise" again.

This struck my funny bone yesterday while reading Country Living (the American version, not the Brit). It was in the news a few weeks ago that the mayor of San Francisco was caught with bottled water, when he is actively campaigning to have bottled water banned from the city. The bottles result in plastic waste, and, says the mayor, tap water is just fine for you. (I understand there have been also cases where some brands of bottled, supposedly spring-fed or at least filtered water have been found to have come straight out of the tap.)

I had to laugh because there in Country Living was an admonition that you should never drink tap water, or even give it to your pet, because the chlorine used in purifying destroys the "flora" in your digestive system.

It's like watching ping-pong...