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» Wednesday, March 18, 2009
The Sound of Spring
Had a nice bout of back pain yesterday—very odd as I was feeling okay when I got up Monday, but as the day progressed I got more and more stiff until I was limping around like Methuselah, and woke up every time I turned over in bed. Nursed myself with ibuprofin and a straight-backed seat, with the result that I am moving again without pain, just stiff from not moving. I hate when my back acts up; everything moves so slowly if it moves at all.

Plus I couldn't chase off that dadgummed squirrel munching on the bird seed and cramming his little claws into the suet cage. When I refilled the feeder I put more cayenne on everything.

This morning it is getting warm enough to have the windows open and I am hearing the sweet "pheee-beee" call that means the chickadees are courting each other. There are other birdcalls out there that sound unfamiliar, which I presume means the others are courting as well.

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