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» Saturday, March 21, 2009
James worked. I tried to sleep late, with not much success, sadly, since I didn't sleep well at all. My knee hurt, or my left elbow, or some other damn fool thing, no matter which way I tossed or turned.

Went to pick up this month's food, then had to wedge it in the fridge. Took the netbook out for a spin. Connected to the wireless at the Smyrna Library, and contacted wireless at four other places, but you had to subscribe to a certain service or pay for access. But it picks up signals nicely. That's what I wanted to make sure of.

Stopped at Michaels and took much too long making up my mind about a geegaw. When I came home I started a little cross-stitch of a chickadee to put on a keychain fob. I did it on 32-count fabric over one square. Yep, you're right—squint time. Sat near the window in the craft room to take advantage of the light as well as to enjoy the fresh air. I finished it after midnight, after putting in the last stitch, one of those horrible French knots, and then ironing on the fusible backing. Still need to cut it to fit the keychain fob.

Interrupting the stitchery was supper at Ted's—we had a $25-value coupon we got from Borders Rewards for only $2. We had Delmonico steaks, with enough left over for two lunches (for me, at least, accompanied by some potatoes or ramen noodles). Then walked around Hobby Lobby to digest. Picked up a 4" embroidery hoop for only 50¢.

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