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» Saturday, March 07, 2009
Oversunned in March
So hard to believe it was snowing less than a week ago! It was quite overcast until about noon, when the clouds whisked away and the temperature began to climb. The rest of the afternoon was sun, sun, sun and mid-70s. My face is sore from it and I already have a rash dotting my arms here and there.

We went out to JoAnn first so I could get a needle case. On the way there we saw a PT Cruiser with the neatest paint job: white with a brown roof and brown bumpers—looked just like an old-fashioned pair of saddle shoes. Happily I found a pretty gift at JoAnn to put away, too. We bought a few more of their big reusable bags because they are so useful. James wanted to stop at Hobbytown, so we did that, and also went to Bed, Bath and Beyond as he wanted a good set of grilling tongs. I wanted a pair of toaster tongs; I'm tired of burning my fingers trying to get English muffins out of the toaster! :-)

Stopped at Borders and picked up the newest Molly Murphy mystery in paperback, then went to the hobby shop for a while. Then we went to MicroCenter, so I could get a case and small mouse for the netbook I bought last week. I got a piece of $3 software that is supposed to convert Real Player .flv files to .avi files. We'll see.

Decided to get Trader Joe's out of the way as well, stocking up on fresh chicken salad, more baby greens, oyster crackers, a new type of cereal with three kinds of nuts and only 2 grams of sugar, and a few other things. We also popped into the other Borders where I finally found a copy of Storm Front, which is in that goofy new "tall paperback" format (ugh!) and the newest Early American Life. Finally, a stop at Michaels to get a green paint marker and we were ready to head home for supper. We had our usual Sunday salad for supper tonight instead as the hamburgers we were planning on grilling were not yet thawed, and when that was finished, I "drowned" Willow. (Well, that's the way she sees it. I call it giving her a bath!)

Did get a disappointment: one of the things I bought at MicroCenter was some inexpensive RAM for the netbook. James had updated his EEEPC a week or two ago by just plugging in a RAM stick. Sadly, my Acer has to be almost completely disassembled to put new memory in it! No wonder it states that it voids the warranty to add RAM. James found a tutorial online and I have no doubt he could do it, but why put him to the trouble? The netbook works well enough; I just wanted to give it a little ooomph at a low price.

News report tonight about all the people camped out at the Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend for a big race happening there. So—they get together for a whole weekend just to watch a bunch of cars driving round and round a track, but science fiction fans are the ones that are weird? LOL. So odd.

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