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» Sunday, March 15, 2009
Order Out of Chaos
Just watching the different camera shots from a truly lovely space shuttle launch fifteen minutes ago—just wish NASA-TV was in high-def! Hope Aaron did get to see this! (Guys, we wanna see the photos!)

Had a nice late sleep, then had to run to Kroger. James had gotten a phone call yesterday that they had a prescription ready for him. Wanted to see which, as he didn't have one due. Also had to pick up bananas, more yogurt, and my bread for sandwiches this week, but they didn't have any of my usual buns. I just got a loaf of French bread, which will make two sandwiches and also leave some for supper tonight.

We needed Chex mix, so we went to BJs with a coupon. Basically we bought the Chex mix, an eight-pack of canned corn and an eight-pack of "Leisure peas" and with the coupon got the corn free. (We call the Green Giant Lesueur peas "Leisure peas" ever since we saw a sale sign at Kroger spelling their name that way years ago. <g>) BJs had a tremendous lot of samples today; usually they only have about two or three and at least one is some type of sweet. Today they had half-a-dozen, all good foods. We stopped and had a sample of a Lean Cuisine four pack: sweet-and-sour chicken, sesame chicken, chicken alfredo, and butternut squash with vegetables in a cream sauce. Our appetites were sharpened, well, by appetite, as we hadn't eaten anything yet except for the manadarin orange cup we bought at Kroger, but they were also delicious. We bought a set.

At home we put all the perishables away, then headed out for lunch. We went to Ikea. :-) I had salmon, which was good for me, but I burped up fish taste all afternoon. Except for tuna and shellfish, I just really don't like fish. It tastes...well, fishy. :-)

We were at Ikea to buy an inexpensive bookcase. I ended up with this, the Kilby, which comes only in this "birch" color. I needed more storage in my craft room; there was just too much on the floor.

The original idea had been to get rid of the sleeper loveseat, but I hate to get rid of something that would support a guest, even if we do have a guest room. After watching all those HGTV shows where they put a console table or narrow shelf behind a bed, I decided I would put the sofa in front of the shelving. This meant (a) the sofa would stick out more and (b) half of the bookcase would be unusable, but it was better than having to put holes in the wall.

So we got the thing home about 3:30-4 o'clock, and I went from then to past 6:30 getting things to rights. James put in the screws of the bookcase for me and also turned it upright against the wall; otherwise I put it together, put the shelves up, and then started stocking it. I also moved the two-shelf bookcase that I used to have near my desk in the cellar and had brought home from my mom's to find the phone plug behind it. Now I have the old telephone, the one that doesn't ring, in my craft room. The Kleenex is on a shelf, rather than perched precariously on the back of the loveseat, and I have other things there I use a lot or plan to use a lot: my Elmer's glue, the Scotch tape, my scissors and rulers in an old Pirouline can, blank cards, my paper cutting gadget, etc. I also put my mom's picture up there, some plastic shoeboxes, my Shepard's clock, the cigar box with my mom's handwritten recipes, etc.

Of course the bookcase is not as wide as the loveseat, so there are two gaps on either side of it. Into one gap I put the little table and the table lamp. It is up high enough to shed light on the room. In the other "hole" I tucked things like a garden stake I painted but haven't yet put outside (it looks so pretty I hate to stick it in the Georgia sun and have it faded and blistered!), the yardstick, and my camera tripod. I also tidied and vacuumed, and put out the things I need to start my new project, a birthday gift for Juanita.

(And as a bonus when I cleaned off my drafting table I found the paintbrush I thought I lost.)

The loveseat does "stick out" more, as the bookcase was nine inches deep. That's one of the reasons I cleaned the junk off the floor on the other side of the room, to make more space. However, the space behind the loveseat is not "unusable" as I feared. I had a Xerox paper box full of Doctor Who Monthly magazines, Blake's 7 monthlies, SFX, etc. magazines that was just in the middle of the floor in front of the closet, a PITA when had to get in the closet and especially when I had to use the ironing board. All those magazines went back there, as well as some master videotapes I won't get rid of. (It's cooler for them back there anyway, rather than being on top of the cabinets near the ceiling.)

I also took my mom's records and put them in the guest room under the phonograph that will actually play them. The turntable in my room doesn't play 78s, darnit.

By this time I was starved. James was making some lunches for himself, but he warmed me up the butternut squash Lean Cuisine meal and I had that with some French bread and milk. What a relief that's done! The room needs more work, but it looks loads better now, and the grunt work is done. And I won't be scrabbling for the glue, tape, my paint pens, or my calligraphy pens anymore.

That was a lovely space shuttle launch. The sun had just set and it was like a dream.

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