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» Tuesday, March 24, 2009
No April Fool
No Joke in April Fool's Day Computer Worm

Huh! I wonder if this is what got at James' computer on Saturday night. He was searching for the From the Earth to the Moon theme on .mp3. The last thing I remember is that he had gone to Michael Kamen's website. He said he went to a couple of sites after that, then went downstairs.

I came out of the bathroom to find some type of spyware checker running madly on his computer screen, having already found nineteen "threats," and the icon for this "Spycatcher," "Spymaster," was "Spy-something" his tray. There was no option to turn it off—how did it install to the tray when there was no one there to say "yes" or "no" to an install? It was running in Firefox, but referred to Internet Explorer and said it was from Microsoft's site, and the title bar referred to a "powerfull" piece of software. The typo only confirmed that it was bogus.

James ran AdAware and got part of it, and AVG and got what looked like the rest, then downloaded the new version of AVG and ran the scan again, but it came up empty. He has received Windows Updates in March, so maybe it was something else.

Stupid gits. Apparently the losers have nothing better to do with their lives.