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» Wednesday, March 25, 2009
March Showers Bring...
Well, we don't need April flowers! The flowering trees have been bursting here since the end of February: pink, lavender, white. Plus the yellow of the forsythia and of the daffodils. The Bradford pears have already leafed in most places, and now the other blossoming white trees are in full flower. The only tree left to bloom will be the dogwoods.

Yesterday I caught the first signs of spring's annual plague: the yellow pine pollen dust. I'd been keeping an eye on the tassels on the pine trees at work and had been relieved to see them not yet bright yellow as they were last year. Alas, they are already producing dust, in a fine layer over my car, to be swept into a stiff line when I engaged the windshield wipers. I could better see them on a long line of pines when I exited from the freeway yesterday and the tassels were fat with pollen.

I still have the windows open, but if the situation comes that the fans must be used in the windows, I will close them and turn on the A/C instead. I hate to do it, but the yellow scum gets on everything, turning the windowsills an ugly dirty golden color and caking whatever it can reach. Nasty stuff.

They have been warning us of four straight days of rain for days now, so perhaps that will keep it under control. Besides, although the drought situation has improved, we still need the wet weather. Yo, cloud! Go hover over Lake Lanier!

The rain hasn't prevented the TruGreen guy from coming by to mark the weeds for extermination and Willow has been in full-throated bark to challenge the interloper on her property. She takes her job seriously.

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