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» Sunday, March 08, 2009
Hawaii at Last!
No, no, we're not going there...ugh, no, too warm.

We finally found a Hawaii quarter and have the whole set.

Otherwise an unremarkable day. James had a prescription to pick up and needed Hood's Calorie Countdown milk, so since both can only be found at Kroger, we were there. I hate the fifteen minutes waiting for the prescription; we always find something else to buy! Milk was on sale, so we bought it there and picked up a couple of cheap cans of mushrooms so we wouldn't have to go to BJs as well.

And even after that, we still forgot his orange juice! So after putting up the groceries and having some chicken as a quick lunch while perusing the Publix ad, we went to Publix to get a couple of the twofers.

On the way there we went by Vickery Hardware to get a "cheater" (an adapter to convert a three-pronged plug to a two-prong). I gave the clerk cash and asked him if by any chance he had a Hawaii quarter. He said, "We had one yesterday," checked...and found one. So our map holder is now complete.

We also had a delightful encounter with windshield wiper replacement this morning. Mine went on fine once I figured out I had to pull them backwards out of the U-hook. James, however, had no trouble replacing his passenger-side wiper, but the driver's side wiper was stuck fast. He had to use a pliers to loosen the latch and pry one of the sides off before it would allow itself to be yanked off. Gah.

Anyway, once all our supermarket duties were completed, we could come home and relax—well, sort of. It was now dinnertime and James fired up the grill to cook some hamburgers for supper. I removed the winter decorations from the porch and replaced them with spring things, and started taking the winter things down inside as well. I at least wanted to put my St. Joseph's altar in place since it is only eleven days till St. Joseph's Day. Also finished up washing the towels and did a load of socks.

We had a good laugh watching America's Funniest Home Videos tonight. There were some hilarious dog clips and a riotous piece about a man moving a refrigerator and a mouse running out from underneath. The cat got it, whereupon the man tried to get the cat to let it go and capture it under a jar. Of course he fubbed it and the mouse dashed under the stove. One could almost hear the cat thinking: "You idiot! I had it and you let it go!"

There is a great special on right now, a collection of Saturday Night Live parody commercials—they've even gone back for the 1970s vintage stuff, like "Shimmer"—it's a floor wax and a dessert topping! Nice to see all the old favorites, like Dan Ackroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Laraine Newman and Gilda Radner.

(Oh, I tried out the .flv converter this works perfectly!)

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