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» Monday, March 23, 2009
Free Day
I took the day off today to be with James. I did some counting at the beginning of the year and if I don't start taking some days off I am going to have to take half of November and all of December off or lose the annual leave I'm earning.

It was a nice day. We slept late, had some breakfast, tidied up some, brought the plastic bags to Publix for recycling and returned my library books. I really need to swear off the library until I have some of the books in my stash read! James wanted a proper basting brush—he used one of my paintbrushes yesterday—so we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Stopped at JoAnn, too, and then went to the hobby shop for a while. They are preparing to move to another store in the same shopping center, and are already packing up and shifting the extra merchandise.

Came home. For some reason Ellen was on at four instead of five. James made chicken thighs for supper with plain elbow mac. We watched Jeopardy. The usual.

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