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» Saturday, March 28, 2009
Coupons and Canines
The weather report was rather ominous last night, predicting thunderstorms this morning. I opened one bleary eye around 8:30 and groped for the curtain and peeked outside. Oh, rain. But no thunder that I heard. A few minutes later James murmured, "I wonder what happened to the thunder" and I started to snooze again.


Bark, bark, bark!

"Oh, there it is," and we both went back to sleep. :-)

James had his meeting this afternoon, but before it was time for that we went to the video store we like and grabbed a copy of Bolt. I ended up getting the one-disk version because that's all they had, and I really didn't care about the extras enough to pay more. I also picked up a copy of the Doctor Who episode "Remembrance of the Daleks." I hear the commentary with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred is a hoot.

We also stopped at the German bakery for a baguette and a treat for dessert, but unfortunately couldn't get pork schnitzel at the butcher shop next door as it is closed for remodeling.

James dropped me off and I had a small sandwich, then went out to spend those lovely 40 percent off Borders coupons. I got a copy of American-Made: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA: When FDR Put the Nation to Work, but spied another book I had to have. I knew James wanted to come back later for something he had seen, so I just left it be and went to the Borders at Parkway Pointe to pick up Tell Me Where It Hurts, which is written by a veterinarian in Boston. (I also picked up a great bargain book about bird feeders and attracting backyard birds, published by the Audobon Society. Wonderful photos!)

It had stopped raining when we left the house for the video store, started raining when we left (this was a leitmotif of the day, it raining every time we walked out of a store), misting heavily when I got home from the bookstores. The weather was doing a number on my sinuses, so I finally took some ibuprofin and lay down to get rid of the headache they were causing, but not before I had a terrific e-mail from someone I hadn't heard from in a few years. This person had gotten me a DVD of something I had wanted. Now the person was transferring something else in a similar vein and asked if I wanted that. Oh, boy, do I!

James arrived home with the news that during the meeting they had all pitched in and moved the rest of the shelving, models, equipment, etc. to the new storefront at the other end of the parking lot, so now the store move is complete (except for transferring the phones). He said four guys had pickup trucks and with twenty guys there it only took a little while and they still had the meeting as well. are finally away from the blood-sucking lawyers collection agency (and the bakery that was shut down for rat contamination) a few doors down.

We had supper at Fresh2Order and then walked down to the Hallmark store to digest. I picked up a stuffed Arctic fox and some Yankee Candle tealights, Sun and Sand. It has the faintest scent of Coppertone, which is one of the few nostalgic summer odors for me. Then we hopped over to the Parkway Pointe Borders, where James got Robert Asprin's last book. I had my eye on something else, but was arrested by a book called Flyaway, about a bird rehabilitator. I opened it to a passage about parrots reacting to different music. It was so funny I read it aloud to James and we were reminiscing about how excited Bandit used to get during the third season titles of Babylon 5. All we can figure is that he had some sort of thing for Claudia Christian's narration, because the moment the theme came up and she started talking he would fling himself out of the cage door and fly wildly about the room, chirping loudly!

Our last stop was at the East-West Connector Borders. They had a coupon for buy-one-get-one beverage at Seattle Coffee, so for dessert, we had a cocoa trio each and shared a gingerbread cookie. This was very gingery, and not overly sweet. I don't understand why bakers insist on shoving so much sugar in products.

I bought a book there called The Portable Italian Mamma, subtitled "Guilt, Pasta, and When Are You Giving Me Grandchildren?" Even though there is dippy stuff inside like references to celebrities like Madonna and talk about The Sopranos, it's pretty funny. I kept paging through it and giggling and nodding "I remember that!" LOL.

Once we got home I put Bolt on. We had intended to go see this at the movies and never made it. I really loved it!, although I liked the Bolt/Mittens dynamic so much there were a couple of points that I wanted to stuff a sock in Rhino's mouth. :-) The scenes with Bolt as a puppy were so charming, and the action sequence that followed was amazing. Also quite lovely are the scenes of Bolt learning to be a real dog. The pigeon parallels were funny, and that scene where Bolt sees Penny greet his replacement was a heartstopper. I also particularly liked the first half of the credits, which reminded me of the style of Mary Blair. Two thumbs up for Bolt!

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