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» Saturday, March 14, 2009
Cold Day, Warm Truck
Something amazing happened this morning. We went to bed late because I was messing with the Gimp. This is a graphics program some friends of mine have been recommending for years. I downloaded it once and couldn't get it to work. I must have downloaded it improperly because I tried it again yesterday, downloaded it, and was using it immediately. I love some of the ways you can alter images, like the puzzle feature.

Anyway, James got up at nine as usual, walked Willow and fed her, and then came back to bed! He must have really been tired!

We had a busy, busy afternoon. I wanted to go to a certain video store since Pinocchio was out. They always have Disney films at a good price.

The price was so good I got Peter Pan, too. I must come back for Bolt. I also got My Summer Story for $3; this was the Bob Clark sequel to A Christmas Story—the cast is completely different, but I'm told it isn't a bad film, so for $3 it was worth trying.

We stopped at Town Center Mall for another try for café au lait tealights at Yankee Candle. No dice. I may get some Sun'n'Sand candles; they smell just like Coppertone! We went upstairs to go to Hallmark (where I bought a Webkinz Lil Lamb, a perfect Easter decoration) and stopped at the Lindt store. They had a deal with their smallest chocolate rabbits, three for $12, and since they were contributing part of the proceeds to an autism foundation, I bought some to put away for Easter.

The mall was packed and no surprise, since it is cold and raining, that winter rain that creeps into your bones. As we left the mall, the traffic was so bad we went to JoAnn through the back way and it was still stop-and-go. JoAnn was having a "coupon commotion," so I got several small craft things. James bought a brownie pan. It comes with dividers that you bake with the brownies; once they are done they are all perfectly divided and no need for all that messy cutting. He thought it might also be useful for cake or cornbread.

I looked at the thing and laughed and said, "Mr. Monk would love it. All of the pieces are neat."

By this time it was after three, so we hurried down to the hobby shop for a while. We were both starving. I'd only had some oatmeal and a Slim Fast bar for breakfast/lunch. We stayed and chatted for a bit, then went to Williamson Brothers barbecue across the street. James had picked up a coupon book in the cleaner and they had a twofer coupon. So he had a beef rib platter and I had pulled pork.

We stopped at Michael's on the way home and also went to Borders. I had my eye on a different book at Borders, but saw Linda Lear's Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature and had to grab it. This is the definitive Potter biography.

Finally arrived home about seven. Put Pinocchio on after a little, been a while since I saw it, and never did have the DVD. It looks wonderful! We were amusing ourselves looking at all the delightful details in Gepetto's woodcarving shop. The Monstro scenes are breathtaking as well; the water is so well animated.

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