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» Friday, March 06, 2009
Bibliophily, Sweeping, and Dancing
Had a good long sleep this morning, which evidently my body needed. I'm going to enjoy it now, as it's going to be in the 70s this weekend and warm at night. It's so hard to sleep when it's warm.

The Cobb County Library sale opened today. I ended up having to drive around Jim Miller Park trying to find where they were letting people in. They are still digging up the part of the park closer to Austell Road—I'd dearly love to know what they are doing!—and all the other gates were locked save for the one on the street that connects Calloway and County Services Parkway.

Getting there even before noon seemed kind of a loss. I usually end up hunting in nonfiction because there's very little fiction that I want that I don't already have. The hardback fiction was especially skimpy today unless you wanted James Patterson, John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, and other assorted best-selling authors. I ended up with an "Observers" book of spacecraft for James, a book about Americana, one about first names, a history book (book one of six book series published by Scribners in the 1920s) about turn-of-the-century America, and Charles Kuralt's America. And since it's full screen on DVD anyway, I grabbed Disney's Rascal on VHS.

From there I went to return my five library books; even with the To-Be-Read pile here, I came out with another five: Rhett Butler's People, Before Green Gables, Bill Bryson's book on Shakespeare, and one book on the French and Indian War and another on King Philip's War. I've been reading a book that is reviews of pre-Revolutionary War history books and the author commented that most people see the French and Indian War as a minor footnote in American history. Wow. Events of the French and Indian War led to the Revolutionary War—what do they teach in history classes these days? Anyway, I figured I would pick up a history of the F&IW. And as I used to pass Anawan Rock regularly when I went out to Readmore in Taunton, MA, I thought I might want to look into a King Philip's War text. (Anawan was "a Wampanoag sachem and advisor to King Philip, [captured at] at Anawan Rock in August 1676. This action ended the King Philip's War in southeastern Massachusetts.")

Grabbed a plain junior burger at Wendy's, then went to Wally World for a new watch band. Two weeks ago I was going out to lunch and caught the wristband of my watch in the door. It popped out one of the pins that hold the band on the watch and I couldn't find it. Okay with me as I never liked the band that came with the watch anyway; it was shiny "patent-leather"-isn and I loathe patent leather. I got a nice matte finish black leather band, a couple of other groceries, a gift to put away for James—and yogurt on sale! I got lots! (Wish I'd had the coupon I cut last week, too.)

Got gas at BJs, then stopped at Borders in Austell to pick up Storm Front in paperback. I couldn't find it anywhere, not with the new books, not with the other Jim Butcher books, not even on the endcaps. Sheesh. The computer said the book was "likely in store." It said the same thing for the DVD of Miss Potter. The Austell store is getting pretty useless anyway. Over the months they have cleared out almost half of the books and there are toys and stuffed animals in the childrens' section rather than books and games and other things everywhere. Yeesh. They really do want people to buy online.

Got home in time to sweep out the garage and take Willow out before Ellen came on. She had on Jason and Molly from The Bachelor. Yawn. Boring. The science guy was terrific, though! I'll have to look him up.

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