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» Friday, March 20, 2009
Bargains Galore
Must be spring. Or it could be that it was only in the 60s. But I was restless.

So I went out to Acworth. I always go through the back, down Macland Road, and then right on Lost Mountain Road (which turns into Mars Hill Road at Dallas Highway). It's mostly country, save for a few shopping centers popping up here and there.

Stopped at Books-a-Million, which seemed to be crowded with dozens of middle-schoolers. That's because it was. :-) The cashier told me later that Calhoun County Schools had transported them there, complete with adult escort. I guess it was a field trip? Gosh, we used to go to the symphony or to a museum! :-) Ah, well, it could have been worse. They could have taken them to Game Stop, or Ulta, or Best Buy. The cashier said about half of them did buy a book.

We're trying to avoid bookstores tonight, though, since the Twilight DVD is out at midnight. Don't want to drown in a sea of estrogen again. LOL.

Well, I was actually looking for books for others, but came out with five for myself; they were all on remainder, though, including the hardcover copy of Rhys Bowen's A Royal Pain, which won't be out in paperback until July. I also bought Matthew Pearl's The Poe Shadow. I'm not much of a Poe fan, but I'm reading his Dante Club now and enjoying it.

While I was at BAM I got a call from my bank. It was something I had been meaning to talk to them about. Thankfully, I found out something I was worried about was okay.

Since I was stopping at Michaels anyway, I also went into Dollar Tree. This is the one with the toothbrushes we like, and that's what I bought: toothbrushes. The Stevie B's Pizza a couple of doors down from Dollar Tree seemed to be the next recipient of the influx of the adolescents. I saw them forming a queue out the door. Boy, I wish we'd had field trips like that.

James needed something, so I stopped at WalMart. I like the WalMart in Acworth; the lines are short and the cashiers are generally friendly. Finally remembered to buy myself more sandpaper and a tack cloth to use on wood projects.

On the way home decided to check out the twofers at Publix. Ohboy! Mandarin orange cups and Knorr sides and cranberry/grape juice and Special K! While I was in the bread aisle looking for something else, I noticed they had the low-carb whole wheat fajita-sized tortillas that James likes. Sadly I had just bought four packs of the taco-sized ones at WalMart. Maybe next time. (That is, if the Publix near us carries them. This was the Publix on Cobb Parkway north of Barrett Parkway.)

At this point it was waaaaaay past lunch and I was thinking—I never did have my favorite birthday lunch...

So I got home at 2:30 and treated myself to Wheat Thins spread with ricotta cheese. :-) Got home in time to catch Lassie on WHT, too, while reading my Christmas group mail. WHT is showing second season of the Jeff episodes and I can watch them on line.

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