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» Friday, February 20, 2009
With Page and Paint
Since I was going to Borders anyway, I stopped at Lowes this morning and bought another bag of safflower seed, plus two suet cakes since the flock finished the last one yesterday. I don't know what they were doing in the insecticide shelving area (across from the birdseed and the rat poison), but it smelled strongly of glue, not the Elmer-y kind, but the strong-scented kind that my mom used to use when she used to "glue in" making jewelry (I remember visiting the gluing-in department at Trifari as a very little girl and will remember that stink forever).

Finished there, I went next door and picked up the gift I mentioned previously as well as the British edition of Country Living, then drove via the East-West Connector to the other Borders at Parkway Pointe (don't blame me for the "e"—it's how it's spelt, even if it looks silly) to pick up Silent on the Moor. I took a peek at the new Maisie Dobbs, Among the Mad, which is enroute from Yum!

On the way home I stopped at Michaels and bought a few little things for three craft projects. Also walked through Dollar Tree and the computer department of Best Buy; nothing there my cup of tea, so came home, mixed the safflower seed in with the existing batch. The little brown-headed nuthatches were so hungry they came to the feeder before I'd gone back inside. They'd grab a seed, look at me, and hide behind the feeder, although one just hung on the suet and ate unconcernedly.

Next I had lunch while listening to Clark Howard, then worked on the three little craft projects, which I can't show you because they're undercover until birthdays/Christmas.

However, I did finally assemble the two Ken Jenkins animal items I bought in Gatlinburg in November. I didn't have the money for the full prints, so I bought a small square "poster" card (like those "Motivational" pictures they use at work) of a red fox and her kit, and a greeting card of a wolf with several hour-old cubs (this latter came in an envelope with two paw-prints on the flap). I had a frame I wasn't using, and arranged the two cards on black construction paper on the frame backing. I cut around the pawprints from the envelope flap with a decorative scissors, then used some fern and mushroom stickers to get the arrangement below. (Not a good pic, but I couldn't use flash or pull up the shade; there's already reflection enough in the glass.)

Ken Jenkins cards

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