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» Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Weather and Willow
About fifteen minutes ago I decided I'd better take Wil out before the squall line hit. It doesn't look like anything's behind it, but you never know. Better to take her out when it was reasonably dry.

We have been taking her out off-leash. We open the door and as she steps out on the porch we say "stop," and she does, and then we lead from there. Well, she either could't hear me over the wind, which chose that moment to gust, or really had to go, because she jumped right off the porch and onto the grass. This wouldn't have been so bad except the guys from TruGreen sprayed this morning and there was a sign on the lawn not to step on it until tomorrow. What I'd planned to do was pick her up from the porch and take her into the back yard to the woods part where they wouldn't have sprayed, and then carry her back in.

I still did that, but after that I had to take her into the downstairs bath and wash her feet off. She looked sorely puzzled about the whole affair.

Outside was a bit scary because the trees were tossing wildly in the continual gusts. Several of them were making cracking noises as their trunks and branches whipped around.

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