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» Saturday, February 07, 2009
A Warm Day in Winter
Florida is sending us some of her warm air again, the wretch.

Well, it looks as if the temperatures will still be cold at night, so I don't mind so much that it will be high 60s for the next few days. But goodness, the sun is fierce!

After a leisurely breakfast, we headed to East Cobb, since we needed things from Trader Joe's again. It seems like I have been having their chicken salad for lunch for ages, but of all the things I have in sandwiches for lunch the chicken salad is still the thing I'm least sick of. We also got the usual greens and chicken for tomorrow night's salad and both sampled the clementines they were giving out. Their trade name is "Darling Clementine." Heh. (Okay, is there any child of the 60s who can hear the name "Darling Clementine" and not hear Huckleberry Hound singing? LOL.)

Before going to Trader Joe's we stopped at Borders. I had almost determined that there was nothing there for me when I found a mystery novel called The Dante Club. I also found an autobiography of Merv Griffin for $2. (I'm thinking of discussing the Dante book further in Cozy Nook, so wander there if you're interested.)

We made a stop at the hobby shop. They were watching the original 1950s War of the Worlds in the rear, and we knew it at once from the distinctive sound of the Martian war machines zapping Los Angeles.

On the way home we stopped at Michaels so I could get some bits to finish a project, and then we "got it over with" and went to Costco. I have spent almost $200 on groceries this weekend; the freezer and the cupboard really needed restocking! We hovered covetously over the netbooks again, and wandered through the food samples, including some luscious juice that had half the usual amount of sugar (why is there sugar is fruit juice anyway; fruit is usually sweet enough! the mango was quite good and usually I detest mango juice because it's so sweet), and bought lots of chicken thighs.

In fact, the moment we got home and started putting things away, that's what I did, extracted eight of the bone-in thighs (sans the fatty skin) and placed them in the convection oven to roast. We usually eat out on Saturday night, but we're both sick of everything. James made a little gravy for his and ate it with leftover shells in white cheddar; I had mine plain with some of the baguette I bought at Trader Joe's, with a side of last night's Monk—interesting episode about Monk being swayed by his hate for the kid who bullied him in junior high, with the guy just thinking it was "fooling around" and not of any consequence—and What's My Line? and To Tell the Truth.

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