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» Sunday, February 01, 2009
Super Sunday
I awoke this morning from the darnedest dream. We were with a bunch of other people at a big building—it was supposedly someone's home, but there was an entire area that was like an enclosed dormitory, with a kitchen, and a little snack bar—awaiting a personal visit by...Diana Ross. (I kid you not.) We were each going to present her with a gift. I had a gift ready, then looked at it and decided it was unsuitable and prepared to give her a Barbie-like doll instead. It was one of those dreams where every so often you thought "what am I doing--this doesn't make any sense"!

We decided to get some exercise today and take a stroll around Town Center Mall. I'll admit there was some method in my madness; I wanted to see if they had more café au lait tea lights at Yankee Candle, as I am running out, but they were out, too. Did find a couple of gifts to put away, and made the mistake of going in the Disney Store, where I found a wonderful stuffed Bolt (who turned out to be on sale). He's so cute!

We had chicken and salad for supper while watching the Puppy Bowl, then fast-forwarded our way through most of the first half of the Super Bowl to see the commercials. I loved the NBC commercial for their new Monday night, and there was one very short ad for Jay Leno's new prime time series. The H&R Block "Death" commercial was kinda funny, too. My favorite, though, were the three Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale commercials, especially the one where the Clydesdale is romancing the circus horse.

The Star Trek preview also looked interested, although it was moving so fast it was hard to tell. I noticed they did get someone who vaguely resembled DeForest Kelley to play the younger Leonard McCoy; at least he had a resemblance in the ad.

The 3-D commercial and preview for tomorrow's 3-D Chuck were interesting, but I don't think people with glasses get the full effect. I could still see the two colors at the edges of images, so did not get a complete 3-D effect, although I did experience the "popping out" of images. The bit with the football players dancing with the monsters came out best. After 3 minutes, or whatever it was, with the glasses on, though, my eyes started to hurt. Not sure if I could sit through a whole show with 3-D glasses.

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