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» Sunday, February 22, 2009
Sunday, Sunday
James rose at some ungodly hour this morning and went to work; I snuggled back down for a few hours and awoke at nine. I had a bowl of oatmeal and some English muffins for breakfast, then went to Costco. I've discovered the best time to go to Costco: 10:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning! Picked up milk and granola bars and tried something called "Greens to Go." It is a vegetable powder you put into a 16-ounce water bottle and its supposed to give you the benefits of five servings of fruits and vegetables. They say its best drunk ice cold; mine was tapwater cold...the taste is described as apple/melon, but it tasted more like kiwi to me. Not bad, but of course not fifteen minutes later I was burping it up. Don't know why I'm surprised; it happens with everything I eat except plain bread, milk and oatmeal.

Got cash when I checked out, then filled up with gasoline, and stopped at the QT for a newspaper. There was a Michael's coupon, so I drove up the road to get a craft item. Petsmart was next door, so I walked there and got Willow a new stuffed hedgehog (what we call her "monkey"). They were starting to set up for pet adoptions.

Before I went home I stopped at Food Depot for some sugar-free ice cream bars, and then I was in for the rest of the day. James had left some boneless pork ribs simmering in the crock pot and the house was filled with the heavenly scent of pork. He told me to turn it to "keep warm" at 1 p.m., but when I checked it, only the meat underneath, still in the liquid, was tender; the meat on top was still tough. I swapped the tender meat on the bottom with the tough on top and by 2:30 everything was tender and I turned it down to "keep warm." In the meantime I read the paper and refilled the bird feeder.

I can see the feeder from where I am sitting right now, as I watch "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln." A little while ago I watched the squirrel raid the feeder, so went out there and spread a coating of cayenne pepper on the top of the seed. A little while later he came back, took one sniff of the feeder, and headed back down the deck again!

This is a great special...but all the American Experience shows are. I wish Dish would quit mis-framing things on WPBA and GPB!

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