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» Sunday, February 01, 2009
Paws Down Victory
Man, what a great game! I saw some of the best plays ever this afternoon, including a rookie who made more touchdowns than all the other players combined—even one for the other team! Now, that's sportsmanship!

Of course I'm talking about Puppy Bowl V. What a great display of prowess from the players. The rookie mentioned above, an adorable beagle pup named "Matilda," won MVP (most valuable puppy). Another beagle named "Madeleine" was also a smashing player.

One of the cutest players was a brown and white Australian shepherd named "Eli," and there was also "Elvira," the phenomenal Catahoula mix. Rating a #1 on the cute factor, however, was "Ocee," a Pekingese who held his own with the larger dogs. Sadly, "Griffey" the white Labrador was booted from the game by the ref for improper moves.

Not all of the players were revved by the game. "Schroder," the husky/beagle mix, seemed to prefer being quietly in the corner.

There was even a streaker on the field! [A Mexican Hairless.] I haven't seen a streaker in years.

The Kitty Half-Time Show was quite spectacular. Lots of color and confetti! The grey tabbies were the superior players; however a pale marmalade cat wins for cutest mew.

Now over to the clumsy human play of the Stupor Bowl. Have our 3-D glasses; waiting for those Clydesdale commercials!