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» Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Ooooh, Cool!
DVDs Planned for The Mothers-In-Law With Kaye Ballard and Eve Arden

Thanks for the tip, of my favorites from the past. Two seasons were done, one with Roger C. Carmel as Kaye Ballard's husband, a television scriptwriter, and the second with Richard Deacon replacing Carmel. (I've heard two versions of why Carmel left: the more popular was that he got into a salary dispute with producer Desi Arnaz; the other I heard just recently was that Carmel had drug problems—as one of those internet rumors, you can take it with giant grains of sea salt.) Anyway, hilarious series, with positive press—even Cleveland Amory liked it, as I remember. (Ah, the good old days when Mr. Curmudgeon himself did the TV Guide series reviews.)

My favorite episode was entitled (according to, which can also occasionally be salty) "I'd Tell You I Love You, But I'm Not Speaking to You." Fall-down funny scene of the six trying to arrange for a "group sensitivity session" (remember, this was the 60s) after Jerry and Susie's quarrel spreads throughout the family, with Brooks West (Eve Arden's real-life husband) as the psychologist. I loved this one so much I audio taped it.

I'm with Ivan, though, and I'm sure Mike would agree: where the heck is Our Miss Brooks????