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» Friday, February 13, 2009
It Must Be Bunnies
We were up early this morning; James ended up taking Willow out about 6:30 a.m. It seems like the rabbits are back; he saw them in our neighbor's backyard. This backyard and the next one are not fenced in, and the owners of the yard beyond frankly do not keep the yard mowed very well. Likely the rabbits are living in the tall grass back there.

It was an otherwise unremarkable day. I did two orders, got the information to do a third, called a recalcitrant vendor, returned phone calls, and all the other usual stuff. Having problems in the bathroom again, so just had soup for lunch, during which I was planning to watch the rebroadcast of American Experience's "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln," which I recorded at midnight. Well, I tried to watch it anyway. There was background music and sound effects...but no other soundtrack. People's mouths shaped words, but none were heard. Weird. (I even tried turning on the closed captioning. There wasn't any.)

Evidently the PeptoBismol worked because I was starving by the time James arrived home. We had supper at Ken's Grill, which is a Waffle House/Huddle House by any other name, and reasonably cheap, then went to MicroCenter. James found a RAM upgrade for his EEEPC for only $10! He's already loaded it and said it runs much faster.

In the meantime we have watched tonight's Monk—quite a shock who the murder victim was!—and Jeopardy, and have gone on to What's My Line?

But our wildlife has appeared again: James just came back in from walking Willow to tell me that she had chased a rabbit in our backyard, and that the second one was now in our front yard—or rather the neighbor's front yard—under the streetlamp. Sure enough, there was the bunny, following rabbit protocol of freezing-in-place after having sensed danger. I'm sure once we are all inside he/she will disappear.

[11:20: yep, the rabbit's gone.]

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