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» Thursday, February 12, 2009
A Girl Walks Into a Library... return two books and pick up two more, and the expected happens in A Cozy Nook to Read In.

It's a lovely day, still 50s when I went out, and the sky back to being a bright winter blue with cirrus clouds crowding each other. This is perfect for "40s on 4," and some war news hot off the press as the Big Three meet in Yalta!

I was remembering an episode of The Waltons as I snapped the radio back on once out of the library. In the episode about Mary Ellen's wedding, the song "As Time Goes By" is played at a dance. I said to my mom, "That's an anachronism, isn't it? The song's from Casablanca and that's 1942—this is 1937." Mom corrected me, saying that "As Time Goes By" proceeded Casablanca by some number of years.

I'll say it did: there was Rudy Vallee singing it on the way home. :-)

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