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» Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Everything Comes at Once
Busy day yesterday, including having to re-advertise an order that was advertised improperly (thought it was on GSA schedule, but it wasn't, which completely changed the procedure). Came home with a nasty headache from the fluorescents, and struggled to get Willow walked, make the bed, and watch the rest of The Ellen Degeneres Show before I succumbed to a dark room and a couple of ibuprofin.

I am getting quite addicted to Ellen; it's just plain silly most of the time and a good antidote to a long day. Yesterday the guest was Meredith Vieira, who I remember waaaaay back from her days at WJAR-TV in Providence. She was on the news and her Today partner, Matt Lauer, was the host of the Providence edition of PM Magazine. (PM Magazine and Evening Magazine were turned out by Group W[estinghouse] broadcasting; if you were a Group W station you were Evening Magazine, and non-Group W stations had PM Magazine. Certain national segments would be filmed for each show: a profile of a popular television show, perhaps, or an inside glimpse of a commercial, actor, political figure, national monument, event, etc., maybe a health segment or lifestyle story, then time was left for the individual cities to put in their own local segments. Evening, for instance, did several features about St. Elsewhere and Cheers filming on location in Boston, had profiles of local personalities like Rex Trailer and Major Mudd—hmmm, wonder if they did an Ask the Manager segment ever—and PM had profiles of Providence Journal television critic Jack Major, RI cartoonist Don Bousquet, and segments on the Roger Williams Park Zoo.)

Anyway, Ellen and Meredith had supposedly concocted a plan to "get" Matt Lauer by calling him on the phone and saying Meredith needed him to confirm who she was to a restaurant owner who wouldn't accept her corporate card without her drivers license, which she'd "forgotten." Turned out Matt, Ellen, and the audience were all in on the reverse prank, which had Matt telling the restaurant owner (Ellen playing the part) that he thought the woman was a fraud. This is typical of the silliness, but the part I liked best was when they just were talking about liking...[shhhhh, 'cause it's silly]...The Bachelor. They sounded just like my mom and my godmother talking about their soap operas. I can hear my godmother now, saying, "Oh, Mary, what a liar that girl is..." It was a happy "blast from the past."

Olivia Wilde ("Thirteen" from House) was also a guest. Apparently she is married to the son of an Italian prince. I didn't even know they still had princes in Italy. Looked the fellow up. He even comes with a castle!

Anyway, busy night at the television (why are all the good things all on at once?): new House, which we watched, while recording Antiques Roadshow, which we watched afterwards, and a new Animal Cops Houston while History Detectives was recording, which we can watch tonight, or whenever. Knock on wood, we should have the last Rosemary and Thyme disk by Wednesday. Love those two; pity they aren't making any more.

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