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» Friday, February 27, 2009
Damp, Dreary, Depressing
That's the type of day it was, like a day borrowed from November. Not as much work as I wanted accomplished: I couldn't get ahold of one person and couldn't finish another order because it wants shipping costs added to it and I can't obligate funds. Outside it has clouded, rained, drizzled, poured. Even Willow stayed retreated in her crate most of the day.

Listened to the Aureole "Christmas Wishes" today. I heard several of these pieces when XM was doing their "Classical Christmas" channel. Lovely music: this is a trio of women, playing harp, violin, and flute. Most of the offerings are very ethereal, perfect for a day such as today, but there is an occasional mischievous insertion, like one cut that turns into a light jazz tempo.

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