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» Tuesday, February 03, 2009
Beating Head Against Wall
It's a wonder they don't stick me on the roof at work, considering how often I'm barking "G-d d-mn-d -ssh-le piece of Microslop-based junk!" at various applications (if not shouting at the computer in general). Not feeling well today—sleepless, queasy, headachy, despite several drugs...feels like the "stomach flu" I've heard complaints about from others—but dragged in anyway due to work overdue, only to discover I had to rebuild three of the five orders I did because of changes they made over the weekend to the software. Because of this change, my dates are now not accurate and there's nothing I can do about it because it's been a problem for years which has been complained about and never fixed. So if the suits in DC aren't getting correct numbers it's not because I didn't try. Infuriatingly frustrating.

At home this reaction sends Willow slinking into her crate ("Mommy's barking at the not-a-walk again") and Schuyler just blinks at me with owl eyes ("She's scolding again"). At least the computer at home is powered by more than a hamster in a wheel!

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