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» Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Are We There Yet?
After performing fine last week, my work computer is back doing its famous imitation of a brain-damaged sloth in a January snowstorm. It's complaining its virus definitions are out of date, I can print from Word, but not from Word within ICE (it sayd I don't have a printer installed; I saved the file to PDF and printed it that way), Windows is blinking its little yellow shield at me in an accusing manner, and it's just taken me an hour to print out six pages because the damnfool thing is so slow.

I found out last week one of the reasons it is so slow—there's now an option I can press to get my system info and this thing is trying to run Microslop Outlook, ICE with Word within it, and Internet Explorer (what I usually have open regularly) while slogging along on 512MB of RAM. I've got 2GB at home; it's like driving a school bus after using a sports car all weekend.

Ooops, Windows says it's ready to install updates. Maybe that will help...