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» Tuesday, February 24, 2009
The "Another Microslop Error" Exercise Program
My work e-mail box looked odd on Monday morning. An entire bunch of mail I had deleted last week was suddenly back in the folder. So I culled it out and deleted it again.

This morning I had an appointment at 10:10 to pick up my Smart Card. I had duly checked the "accept" button on the e-mail and an appointment with an alarm was placed on my calendar in Outlook.

At about 10:24 I glanced at the clock, noticed the time and the lack of alarm, yelped "Holy shit!" and dashed out of my cubicle, down the hall, down two flights of stairs and across the parking lot, sans coat but no time to get cold thinking I was late.

Luckily the appointment lasted until 10:30, so now I have the card (which I have to be careful with because it does things like wipe the programming on credit cards and bus passes). Er...but what happened to my alarm? All I can think of is that it got overridden by whatever brought back all that deleted mail yesterday. Too weird, because usually the alarms in Outlook...pardon the pun...go off like clockwork.