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» Saturday, February 21, 2009
An Angel in the Freezer and Other Saturday Stories
We didn't sleep in too long this morning, as we had to be at the Milford Road Baptist Church by eleven.

Nothing mysterious about it: James had just decided to try out something called "Angel Food Ministries." It's sort of like a buying club for grocery staples. For $30 you supposedly get enough food to feed a family of four for a week. That must count just the meat and a few sides, because the extra stuff that comes with it just won't work for lunches and breakfast, too: you get a dozen eggs and some cereal for breakfast, for instance, and that's all. However, we did get a good deal of meat: four six-ounce sirloin steaks, two pounds of chicken breasts, one pound of boneless pork chops, two pounds of breaded chicken nuggets, a 28-ounce Salisbury steak entree, a pound of bacon, and a pack of hot dogs, plus for a few more dollars we got an extra meat package with four more thick bone-in chops, two big rib-eyes, eight small hamburgers, and a pound of mild Italian sausage. Part of the profits go to charity.

Once we got home and stuffed our freezer full, stuffed the dishwasher and cleaned the sink and a part of the counters, and refilled water bottles for the car, it was time for more amusing pursuits. We drove out to the Borders at East Cobb where James found a new David Weber novel that wasn't scheduled out until next month. Perfect conjunction with coupon, methinks! I broke down and bought the Little Women Abroad book. With a 40 percent off coupon and a $5 off Rewards Coupon it was more affordable than a used copy. I also picked up a couple of things that were on deep clearance for gifts. One was marked 50 percent off and they took 75! I like that type of luck.

Also stopped at Michaels to get a few small things to finish more of those craft items I can't mention. :-) Then we went on to the hobby shop and stayed and chatted for awhile.

Finally it was about four and we were getting hungry (I'd had oatmeal, a cup of Mandarin oranges, and a plain burger all day, and an ice cream as "dessert early," and was starving). First we had to stop by Kroger and get a couple of prescriptions and the usual groceries: bananas, yogurt, and all that. We had no ideas for supper, so we got one of those Hormel prepared things, roast pork in gravy, and a loaf of French bread.

And before we headed home we hit the Borders on the East-West Connector one more time. James used his coupon on a gift and I spent mine on what looks like a silly book, but one can use a laugh now and then.

The pork-in-gravy was...okay. I asked James, "Does this taste peculiar?" and he said, "It's not bad, if that's what you mean, but it tastes more like ham than pork!" That's what I couldn't put my finger on! Oh, well, the bread was good and we had it with a "side" of This Old House! I love this Brooklyn project. Later I put What's My Line? on.

(Terrible news from the What's My Line? fan group: GSN is going to stop showing it after March, replacing it with...more Family Feud. Geez, as if it isn't on all the time now. If you are watching and enjoying GSN!)

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