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» Thursday, February 19, 2009
All Calm Here
But there was nothing but tornado coverage on local television last night. The 10 p.m. news on Fox was one big weather report instead.

Now the news is coming in: at least ten tornadoes touched down last night in various areas in North Georgia. It seemed as if every fifteen minutes the weather reporter was warning some town to get to shelter right now. They showed homes on the news tonight: sides torn away, collapsed, roofs gone.

Thank God, we got moments of hard rain, some lightning, but no hail and no damage that I could see. The power blipped once and killed the DSL for a while.

Ironically today it was clear but cold, in the 40s, with a cutting wind that wormed its way under your jacket collar. On days like this I pull the shades all the way up for some natural heating and Willow basks in the squares of sunlight on the carpet ("it's a dog thing; you wouldn't understand"—oh, I do...I stand in them when my toes get cold enough!).