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» Monday, January 05, 2009
Whew! (So Far...)
James turned on the garbage disposal tonight and it just went "rrrrrr." For him it was almost the last straw and I rolled my eyes, as I want to be done with spending for a while and I still have to pay the termite "insurance" and the association fee this winter.

He remembered, though, Richard Methuen on Ask This Old House fixing a garbage disposal on one show by wiggling the shaft back and forth with a tool that comes with the disposal and that looks like an Allen wrench. He wiggled it a couple of times and it unstuck. I hope it stays okay (not to mention the icemaker in the fridge, which broke down to the tune of almost $400 last year, and all the guy replaced was a little piece of plastic!). If I'm going to spend money this year, I really would like to get a new light for the foyer, not fix a garbage disposal. I hate that dusty, ugly thing hanging there now; I can't even dust it with my extendable duster pole.