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» Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Tuesdays Always Get Me Down
Especially when I wake up with my eyes itching and watering. What the heck? I couldn't get them to clear, so took an allergy tablet and returned to bed. When I got back up at nine, my eyes still burned and itched, but at least they weren't watering, so I could go in and make another stab at my Smart Card.

I signed in and the gentleman started taking my information—and the system crashed again. He said I could wait, and I did, because at this point I was coughing and feeling so down that I didn't want to have to come back again. I ended up waiting over an hour, but the system finally returned. It was pretty simple: they already had my social security number and user ID, so all they needed was a photo and my fingerprints. I was surprised that they took the latter, since I already have my fingerprints on file, but these were taken electronically.

Otherwise it was a rather commonplace afternoon. I was wishing I could stay outside, as it was lightly cloudy, with a brisk wind, and very conducive to taking nice deep breaths, a wonderful day to go walking!

Arrived home, did some tidying up (the Christmas books we received are finally put up, and the mugs as well), and tossed all the mail in the wastebasket (boy, what a waste of paper). Wil and I also went on a "half walk," just to the corner and back. I was right, it was a good walking day. :-)

James made the "peanut pork" for supper—yum! Had two episodes of Animal Cops South Africa to watch...odd that they're showing new ones in the afternoon. In the background, the furnace is working steadily. We aren't going to get the full-blown "Alberta Clipper" or "Saskatchewan Sloop," or whatever the news reporter called it this afternoon (of course this was the same guy who referred to the weather coming from one of the Canadian "providences"), but it is going to be cold. The lows for Thursday and Friday will be in the 'teens, pretty low for this corner of the country.

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