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» Sunday, January 25, 2009
Sunday Stockup
Apparently my wakeup time on Sundays after chat on Saturday is pretty much fixed at 10:24 a.m. This is about the third or fourth time in the past month or two that I've woken up at the 24 or at least the 23 mark.

We printed out our twofer Sweet Tomatoes coupon and went there for breakfast. I'm sorry, their oatmeal sucks. It tastes metallic. James thinks they are cooking it in a metal pot. Ugh. The waffle was good, and so was the little salad I had, and the turkey noodle soup was yummy (the "noodles," however, were rigatoni!).

From there we went to JoAnn. I had two nice coupons and bought myself two assortments of paintbrushes. We also bought more of the JoAnn shopping bags. They are twice as large as the grocery store ones, with plastic bottoms, and still cost only a dollar each.

They had the last scrapings of their Christmas stuff at 90 percent off. All their wrapping paper was 39¢ a roll—I had bought wrapping paper, but sheesh...39 cents! I found three patterns that were rather nice looking (the others were pinkish, or lime green) and got them.

James stopped at Hobbytown a few minutes while I finished my library book, then we went to Michaels with 50 percent off coupons they gave out last week. James got a diorama set to use for static shots and I bought a very pretty Easter decoration, along with some 25¢ items.

We finished at Publix for some twofer items (we are at present stocking up for Atomicon in April, and also put away some soup and pasta), and swung by the post awful and Walgreens on our way home. We finished the afternoon watching What's My Line? and To Tell The Truth, and at suppertime put on When We Left Earth.

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