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» Sunday, January 18, 2009
Sunday Chores and Snores
We had a nice lay-in this morning and then went on to do the weekly shopping. As we were wandering down the center aisle of Kroger where they keep the discount things, there was an Alpine-tree arrangement (three trees, the largest about 3 1/2 feet high), original price $30, on sale for $3.28! James said let's buy it, so we did! I've always wanted an Alpine tree arrangement, and what a price!

We had to stop at Publix, too, but that is just next door. They had some great twofer deals, including my flavor of oatmeal, so I'm now well-oatmealed. :-) On the way home we stopped and bought batteries for the smoke detectors.

Once we got home James placed all the new batteries in place, and we took the Christmas lights down. Since the Alpine trees were well-flocked, I put them on the front porch with the sled and the shovel, to serve as winter decoration.

James is now down in his "man cave" working on an airplane model and watching 12 O'Clock High, so I'm watching the Christmas episodes of My Family I DVR'd weeks ago.

[Later: just finished also watching Ballet Shoes, which ran on WPBA, based on the Noel Streatfeild book. I enjoyed it, although I was reading reviews on Amazon and people were irritated that there was a romance added for Sylvia and cigarette smoking was shown, making it "unsuitable for children." I don't think it was made as a children's piece only, and goodness!—this took place in the 1930s—everyone smoked like a chimney then! It was an enjoyable period piece—looked really good (but the British are brilliant at historical pieces; they always look authentic) and the period music was super. I've never read any Streatfeild books, so I don't know how close or far away it was from the story in the books. Emma Watson, Hermione from the Harry Potter movies, played the oldest adopted girl, Pauline.]

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