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» Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Stormy Weather
There's been a front creeping in all day, with the sky grey and heavy except for a brief "sucker hole" that exposed the moon just about the time I arrived home. It lasted as long as it took me to get the mail and go upstairs to fetch Willow. The weather radio was going off and there was a crawl at the bottom of the television screen about a tornado warning in Rome.

What they were predicting was ominous enough that I took all the decorations off the porch (not the lights) so they wouldn't get soaked. I don't like to take the Christmas things down until January 6 is past, but I don't want to take them down wet, either. So into the garage or into the foyer they went, and I put up the winter flag to boot.

The storm didn't actually break until about 9:20 and started with a sound that resembled rocks drumming on metal! This passed in a few seconds and now it is raining steadily.

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