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» Saturday, January 10, 2009
Rainy Days and Saturdays
I wanted a good night's sleep and did get one. We went to bed late, but we got up at eleven! We woke up to a grey day that just got greyer and more oppressive as the afternoon wore on. Whether it was the front coming through or just general exhaustion I don't know, but I was feeling pretty blah all day. I know my sinuses were bothering me because nothing quite killed my headache and my teeth were hurting.

We went up to JoAnn, which was pretty useless because the 50 percent off coupon I had wasn't starting until tomorrow. We stopped at the Borders nearby and James got the newest John Ringo book since he had Borders Bucks and another of those $5 off anything coupons.

Then we cut down 41 to go to the hobby shop. I was deep into reading Eden's Outcasts and the hour we were there flew by. From there we went to the Borders at East Cobb since we were stopping by Trader Joe's anyway. I used my $5 coupon and got a copy of the new Early American Life for free. I like shopping trips where you don't have to pull out any money.

Picked up fixings for our usual Sunday night chicken and salad at Trader Joe's among other things, then drove home through a burgeoning rainstorm, with a stop at Costco for milk and other necessities. We bought another package of the French-milled vegetable-based bath soap. There are eighteen bars; we bought it last in July. I'd say for two people showering every night that's a pretty good length of time for 18 bars to last—the final one will probably finish tonight or tomorrow.

Almost have all the winter decorations up (full decoration mode was stopped by the rain) and everything is finally vacuumed and swept. I hate the disorder between seasonal decoration.

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