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» Saturday, January 24, 2009
Playing Catchup
Once James arrived home, we had to run to Kroger for the rest of the groceries and James' prescription, but then we had a lovely supper at Fresh 2 Order. I love this place. We've never had a bad meal there. This was the bourbon filet steak, but we had it with the wheat-berry rice instead of the cheese grits. We also had a bowl of their creamy chicken vegetable soup, which is rich with fresh carrots and herbs.

Came home to watch last week's episode of Monk, which was pretty much a waste of time. If I thought Monk's half brother was irritating two weeks ago, Monk's behavior was even more annoying in "Mr. Monk on Wheels." There's a difference between being irritating and being abusive, and Monk had tipped over to the latter. Had Natalie slapped him and stormed away, I wouldn't have blamed her. Frankly, he deserved everything he got, and that included falling out of his wheelchair.

The second episode was much better, except for having Stupid Randy again. The business at the end with him treating the mechanical guy like a real person was incredibly idiotic. But for once they treated Monk's psychological problem with his mother's treatment of him as something detrimental to his well-being, rather than just a funny little quirk. This was an aspect of the earliest episodes of the series, especially the pilot film, and it's just degenerated as the seasons wear on.

Well, won't have long to bitch about this: Tony Shalhoub has declared that the eighth season of the show (they are presently showing the second half of the seventh season) will be its last. I hope Monk is finally able to find out who killed his wife Trudy and why she was killed in the closing episodes of the series; if not it will be a cheat to the viewers who have followed that often ignored ongoing storyline.

We are just finishing the latest When Weather Changed History, about the tragic Chicago heat wave in 1995, and then will go on to more cheerful fare in some What's My Line? and To Tell the Truth programs.