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» Saturday, January 10, 2009
Ornamenting Rhode Island
Two of the cool gifts I received for Christmas were from my cousin Debbie, who bought me two of the Rhode Island Christmas ornaments created by the man interviewed in this television report: Ornaments With a Rhode Island Flair. I was checking out his website just now...ohboy!

Debbie bought me the ornament based on the gate for the old Rocky Point Amusement Park (which has been closed for years, but an amusement area existed at Rocky Point in Warwick for over sixty years), and also a doughboy ornament from Iggy's at Oakland Beach. As far as I was concerned as a kid, you could keep your pizza; what I always wanted was a doughboy.

Rather than keeping them tucked away just until Christmas, I put hooks on them and hung them on a wire shelf in my craft room. I would love to get a couple of more, like the Blizzard of 78 ornament (since I drove home in the middle of the darn thing, I feel sentimental about it...LOL...I notice the basket has a quart of milk, an Evening Bulletin, and two loaves of bread, "American" bread and Italian bread) and the one for Del's Frozen Lemonade.

The Benny's ornament is cool, too, but I love the building; you can look in the windows!

They have an Autocrat/Eclipse coffee syrup item, but they really need an ornament, too!

But what I plan to buy when I have the funds is my favorite of all the landmarks they have: the Shepard's clock from downtown Providence. I'll always remember the day I chased Santa Claus and the reindeer in the Christmas parade and was separated from my mom. When I quit being scared, I went to the one place I knew Mom would come look for me, next to the Shepard's department store clock on Westminster Street. And sure enough, that's how she found me.

James, on the other hand, wants Nibbles Woodaway, New England Pest Control's "Big Blue Bug," in his Christmas finery. :-)