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» Wednesday, January 21, 2009
An Instructive Blast from the Past
Anyone over the age of, say, 45, probably remembers the old Coronet Instructional Films used in schools from the 1940s to the 1970s. These were earnest, well-meaning films, some involving historical matters, but most addressing teen-age problems like dating, courtesy, health, etc. Today they are so sober and stiffly acted that they are frequently parodied and lampooned, and they have shown up on Mystery Science Theatre 2000.

Check these films out here: Coronet Instructional Films

Incidentally, a young Dick York features in several of these films, including one where he learns not to be shy.

I wonder if this site or any other site has any of those cheesy health films about sexual awakening and menstruation we used to have to watch in gym class.

('s one: "Molly Grows Up," from 1953. And here's the classic, Walt Disney-produced, "The Story of Menstruation", from 1946.)

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