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» Tuesday, January 20, 2009
In Transition
I got all four of my orders in for signature, did another order, got all my new orders and their backups printed out, made a few calls (which, unsurprisingly, didn't get answered, since at least one person was so close to Washington, DC, that I didn't expect one), looked everything over, and decided everything was in order enough for me to use my time-off award. So I left at noon and came home to watch the inauguration parade. I had the whole inauguration magilla recording, but I fast-forwarded through most of it except the former presidents lining up for their entrance to the ceremony—nice to see them laughing and chatting together—and the actual swearing-in, followed by bits of luncheon, the Bush family leaving, and now former Chief Usher Gary Walters talking about his job.

( is very reminiscent of a winter day in New England here, without the snow, in the 20s, with a brisk breeze...and I just looked out on the deck and there are sixteen mourning doves lined up on the railing of the deck, trying to keep warm.)

I am reminded of the story of when Eleanor Roosevelt was contacted to tell her that her husband had died. Harry Truman called her to express his condolences and asked her if there was anything he could do for her. She responded that she should be asking him that, as he was the one that was in trouble now. So good luck to President Obama, because he is the one in trouble now. <wry grin>

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