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» Monday, January 05, 2009
We went to the Whitlock Road Kroger yesterday as the frozen case at our usual Kroger, where they keep the sugarless pudding, is broken and James wanted some for his lunch. The Whitlock Kroger is larger, and they had some Christmas items left over for miniscule amounts. I got big sheets of gift tags for 25 cents each and a bag of ten gift bags for $2, etc. One of the things they did have was a string of 25 clear C-9 bulbs for less than $2.

Despite the neighbors having their back porch light on almost all the time, it's still pretty dark in the back yard. We have floodlights, but they are attached to the right rear corner of the house. One points in the yard but provides little illumination, and the other one just points at the neighbor's house. What earthly use that is, I don't know. Even if we turn the light on the deck on, there's not much light.

I looked at this string of lights and for $1.67 just tossed it in the carriage. When it got dark, we took it outside on the deck and plugged it in. The light is surprisingly strong—we had dropped one of the bulbs in the yard and James could find it just with the illumination from the string! So what we plan to do is get a short exterior extension cord and a switch, or even a timer, and fasten the string of lights to the underside of the railing of the deck. This way the string will illuminate the deck and the yard as well.

Wish they'd had a second string at that price!