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» Tuesday, January 20, 2009
I Don't Believe This
There are school bands in the inaugural parade that worked hard to be there, Native American groups, state representatives, and others, and there are hundreds of thousands of family and friends who wanted to see them in this parade. So what does every single damn network coverage do the moment the parade begins? They drop the coverage to stations who go back to the news where they're re-capping the early news and not showing what's happening now. Channel 11 is carrying the MSNBC feed, but we have to listen to Chris Matthews bellowing instead of the parade and they're having flipping commercials. So much for WXIA's promise that they were going to cover "everything." The only channel Dish carries that is covering the parade is KLTA in San Francisco, and they've just quit yapping so we can hear the music.

I could just spit.

(And, yo, KTLA, will you quit cutting to the observation booth every two seconds? We don't want to see people's reactions...we want to see the parade!)

[5:30 p.m. Now flippin' KTLA is replaying the oath of office and the entire speech. Happily, WXIA has now gone back to the parade. Of course we don't get to hear the parade, we have to listen to the announcers yap about their day.]

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