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» Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Hot Stuff
I can always hope my day will be better than my morning has been.

With the fan still in the window pointed directly at me, I put the light, light blanket on the bed last night, hoping I would be able to sleep better than I did Sunday night. Evidently the temperature never got under 60°F and I could tell: I woke up at 4:30 with my face and forearms hot, feeling as if I were in a slow oven roasting for breakfast. Turned out the curtain had pulled loose from under the foot of the fan and was covering it so no air was blowing on me.

I can't even blame this one on the hot flashes as this "hot skin" business has been going on since they excised my thyroid.

Not to mention my stomach was growling already. Not sure how much sleep I actually got after that until the alarm went off at six.

Everything outside was dark, cloudy, and humid. A fine mist covered the windshield unless I kept the wipers going. Some idiot from behind me almost clipped my car passing me as I was starting to change lanes. Traffic was slow because the rubberneckers had to see what was going on with police cruisers flashing their lights at West Paces Ferry and again at Brookwood.

It's 79 in my cubicle. Gah. And it's only 7:00!

[Later: may not improve, what with the headache and bathroom needs (the latter happens a lot when I'm here; always wonder if I'm somehow sensitive to the water). Plus there I was, experiencing "unavoidable delay," as Frank Gilbreth would have described it, and someone walked in the ladies' room and shrieked. Next thing I knew a roach came scuttling toward me. It's now an ex-roach. So much for the plush life of a Federal employee. LOL.]

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