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» Saturday, January 24, 2009
Here and There
Yesterday was a bit of a lazy day for me. I did go to the post awful and mail some CDs to various people. Went to Michaels to buy the rest of the things I need to finish two Christmas projects and a matte frame for an autumn photograph I bought at the Apple Festival. Stopped at Office Depot to get a card reader for my camera card; it's silly to take the big card reader on vacation with us when all I need is something to get the photos off the camera's Memory Stick Pro. Bought gas at Costco, where I was stuck at the pump after I finished with someone waiting behind me because the inconsiderate boob in front of me (from Fulton County, of course) with his Jag-You-Arrrr blocked the passageway between the pumps. Big excitement. :-)

I also finished a little project this afternoon for a little "film" that I want to send to my cousin. I was playing with Windows Movie Maker for the first time while waiting for James to get home from work, putting titles and credits and some background music on both of those for the finished product.

So now it's Saturday. James is at his IPMS meeting and I'm finally transferring the last few things I recorded off the DVR—some of them are months old. I finally transferred 2010 the other day. The trouble was that these things were not recordings I could just start and then walk away from until they were finished. There were Hugh Laurie's appearance on Saturday Night Live and The Tonight show, and Lisa Lucas' part in An Unmarried Woman (not interested much in the movie but wanted the scenes she was in). She did this about a year after the last Addie Mills special was broadcast, when she was around sixteen or seventeen.

This morning we were busy: James collected the dishes and ran the dishwasher, then scrubbed out the kitchen, and I vacuumed the carpet, then washed the dog. (Sometimes I think I'd rather clean the kitchen than wash the dog; at least the sink doesn't squirm. LOL.) So poor Willow is now sacked out, exhausted from having been tortured with soap and water.

You should see Schuyler's face when James walks by her with the dog in a towel. It's this bright-eyed expression like "Next time can I watch?" LOL.

[Later: 4:13 p.m. Yay! Almost missed it; was finishing the vacuuming...but I won a copy of The Horse Without a Head, one of my favorite Disney live-action films, on DVD on e-Bay. I have a copy recorded long ago off the Disney Channel (back when they showed real Disney movies), but it was in bad shape and the DVD is in the proper theatrical ratio.]

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