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» Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Eat Up!
The birds must be really hungry...they are out there in the rain before the larger storm approaching, wildly zooming at the feeder and the suet. The usual crowd—brown-headed nuthatches, tufted titmice, chickadees, white-breasted nuthatch, sparrows, "Mrs. Downy" (the female downy woodpecker)—are there along with pine warblers, a female cardinal, and a male and a female bluebird. A thin line of showers has just passed, but the bulk of the storm is still creeping southeast; shouldn't take long for it to be here, since it was passing Acworth the last time I checked the radar. As an antidote to the gloom I have the shades up, a café au lait candle going on the stove, and the little fall houses on the mantel lit along with the electric candles on the table.

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